Explore the world of the Victorians.

  • Most workshops are also suitable as an informal workshop for families.
  • Formal learning workshops support the History Curriculum.
  • Sun Jester can provide any timetable from a single session to a full day’s programme of activities with extensive cross-curricular links.
  • The sessions have a duration of one hour with a capacity of up to 30 participants dependent on available space. An entire year group can usually be accommodated during a day.
  • The sessions are led by experienced, professional and enthusiastic interpreters (holding Enhanced CRB Disclosure Certificates), offering a full interactive opportunity for all.

Victorian School

Role-play a Victorian classroom experience
Mr and Mrs Harris run an establishment in Limehouse and will visit
your school to pass on the latest teaching methods

Optical Illusions

Visual tricks and jokes fascinated the Victorians
Examine illusionary devices and anamorphic images to see if the eye
can deceive the mind
Make a Thaumatrope, a simple optical illusionary toy, popular with Victorian children


Investigate the toys and games of Victorian children
Try some handmade toys, play games of skill and popular boardgames
This workshop can include a simple wooden toy to decorate and keep
(an additional materials charge will apply)

Victorian Streetlife

A drama workshop exploring the streets of Victorian London, drawing on the works of Henry Mayhew and Charles Dickens

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