An exciting day investigating the world of Tudor England. The workshops will emphasise the use of archaeological evidence and historical documents to learn about people in the past.

  • Most workshops are also suitable as an informal workshop for families.
  • Formal learning workshops support the History Curriculum.
  • Sun Jester can provide any timetable from a single session to a full day’s programme of activities with extensive cross-curricular links.
  • The sessions have a duration of one hour with a capacity of up to 30 participants dependent on available space. An entire year group can usually be accommodated during a day.
  • The sessions are led by experienced, professional and enthusiastic interpreters (holding Enhanced CRB Disclosure Certificates), offering
    a full interactive opportunity for all.
tudors 1

Writing and Manuscripts

Investigate the development of writing in the 15th and 16th Centuries
Examine different decorative styles including the use of graffiti
Look at recipes for ink
Try using a quill pen

Tudor Playtime

Investigate the toys and games of Tudor children.
Examine some mystery toys, can you guess what the are for/made from?
Play games of skill

tudors 2

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (2 hour workshop)

This session concentrates on the social and cultural aspects of Tudor life, looking specifically at courtly manners, music and dance of the age. Participants are sure to have fun with the role play, while enhancing
their knowledge of this fascinating era.

The King is touring the land, keen to meet his subjects. The group
must prepare themselves for his imminent visit.

Learn how to bow and curtsey with due reverence
Discover what words would be used to greet the King
Know how to avoid behaviour that may give offence to His Majesty
Find out what foods might be offered to a visiting Tudor monarch
Hear some Tudor music, written by the King himself
Learn a song and practice a lively dance to entertain the music loving Henry
Explore what gifts could be given to demonstrate your love and loyalty

Henry Tudor

image courtesy of Maurice Cousins

Tudor Buildings

Examine the construction of vernacular buildings during the 16th century
Investigate changes in use of building materials
Look at the use and importance of mathematical and geometric patterns in Tudor brick buildings

tudors 3