Key Stage One


Meet a historical character, dressed in period costume, and find
out about their lives and the notable events that they experienced.

We are happy to discuss portraying any historical character of
national or local importance to suit your school’s requirements.

Previous characters and themes have been:
*Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire
*Florence Nightingale
*Captain Kidd and Pirates in the Caribbean
*Falkes de Breaute and the Siege of Bedford Castle


florence nightingalecaptain kidd

Example of a Historical Characters workshop:


Timetable of the Great Fire
Told from the perspective of Samuel Pepys (based on his diary
entries for September 1666).

What Would You Save?
Pepys details the possessions he rescued from his house. A class discussion about what the children would save from their own homes. This would act as an introduction to comparisons of relative worth of food, clothes etc then and now.

After The Fire
Help Pepys and the government assess the damage caused by the fire. A class exercise examining evidence from prominent London sites, using objects and maps.

Rebuilding London
Examining proposed plans to rebuild London and comparing them with a map of the city before the fire. Comparing Christopher Wren’s new St Paul’s with the medieval cathedral.

Art activity – Draw your own design for a new London Bridge
great fire of london