History and Heritage

Workshops that support Creative and Enhanced Learning for young people with particular interest and enthusiasm. Some topics can be experienced in an intensive short workshop of two to three hours, others are only appropriate when covering a whole day.


History and Heritage

Become a History Detective (2/3 hours or whole day)
History and archaeology are about real people and real lives, and being an historian or archaeologist is not just about learning facts. It is about learning to be a detective, finding out the evidence that is clear to see in objects and documents from the past if you know how to look. This taster session will help you develop your skills as both a detective and an imaginative, creative thinker. Come prepared to stretch your mind and to learn a couple of practical skills along the way. If you ever thought that the history you learnt at school was boring then this day may well help to change your mind!

Prehistoric Survival Skills (2/3 hours or whole day)
Ever wondered at the skills and knowledge our distant ancestors must have used on a daily basis? Now is your chance to find out. Step back into the Stone Age and learn some of the basic techniques of tool making, fire lighting and 101 uses for a stinging nettle. If you are a fan of Ray Mears’ programmes on television, this day will be perfect for you.

Hands On History (2/3 hours or whole day)
For anyone interested in history and archaeology, this fun workshop is a
must-do. Through a series of hands-on activities, this workshop will look at
how our ancestors lived at various times in the past. Participants will have the opportunity to see and handle real and replica artefacts as well as creating their own reproduction objects and art from our distant past.
Available for the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval periods.