An exciting day investigating the world of Ancient Greece. The workshops will emphasise the use of archaeological evidence to learn about people in the past.

  • Most workshops are also suitable as an informal workshop for families.
  • Formal learning workshops support the History Curriculum.
  • Sun Jester can provide any timetable from a single session to a full day’s programme of activities with extensive cross-curricular links.
  • The sessions have a duration of one hour with a capacity of up to 30 participants dependent on available space. An entire year group can usually be accommodated during a day.
  • The sessions are led by experienced, professional and enthusiastic interpreters (holding Enhanced CRB Disclosure Certificates), offering a full interactive opportunity for all.
Greece art

Pots and Propaganda

* Examine various decorative styles in Greek pottery
* Discover how the Greeks used painted pottery as a medium of communication
* Design and paint a simple Greek pot

Gods and Goddesses

* Look at the myths and symbology of the Greek Gods
* Examine the depiction of Gods and Goddesses in art
* Investigate the Goddess Athena and her role as patron of Athens


Codes and Counting

* Examine one of the most popular systems of numbers used in
Classical Greece
* Solve some simple mathematical problems using Greek numerals
* Investigate a code system used to communicate messages
* Write a coded message


An Introduction to Greek Philosophy

* What is Philosophy?
* Some facts about Socrates
* Plato's Cave and ideas of perception