An exciting day investigating the world of the Ancient Egyptians.
The workshops will emphasise the use of archaeological evidence (objects; carved and painted images; hieroglyphic text) to learn about people in the past.

  • Most workshops are also suitable as an informal workshop for families.
  • Formal learning workshops support the History Curriculum.
  • Sun Jester can provide any timetable from a single session to a full day’s programme of activities with extensive cross-curricular links.
  • The sessions have a duration of one hour with a capacity of up to 30 participants dependent on available space. An entire year group can usually be accommodated during a day.
  • The sessions are led by experienced, professional and enthusiastic interpreters (holding Enhanced CRB Disclosure Certificates), offering a full interactive opportunity for all.




Why so many different gods?
The major gods
Stories: Ra and the solar boat, Isis/Osiris Myth, Horus becomes Pharaoh, Creation of People
Decorate a picture of a god

Egypt gods


Where do you find them?
What do they mean?
A practical example: The Iry Tomb panel
Problems of using hieroglyphs with Modern English
Write your name in Hieroglyphs

Egypt art

Burial Practices and Objects

How do they tell us about the past?
Objects - Jewellery and amulets
Decorate a reproduction amulet
Objects – Games
Make an Egyptian gaming board and play the “Game of Kings”

Tombs and Wall Paintings

How do they tell us about the past?
Symbology of colour in Egyptian art
Images - Wall paintings as images of everyday life
Create a painting based on Egyptian designs