Creative Learning

Workshops that support Creative and Enhanced Learning for young people with particular interest and enthusiasm. Some topics can be experienced in an intensive short workshop of two to three hours, others are only appropriate when covering a whole day.



creative learning


Ideas Factory for Creative Writing (2/3 hours or whole day)
For anyone who enjoys extending their creativity through writing. The best stories need imaginative plots to draw the reader in and make them want to keep turning the pages. They also need great characters, who are interesting and compelling, whether they are good or bad. But how do you create great characters – the kind of people who seem real? What kind of ideas can you use to create interesting plots and storylines? This course will use different techniques and exercises to get you thinking about your own writing and how to make it better. Come prepared to work hard, think creatively and be willing to share your ideas and work with the rest of the group.

Practical Philosophy for Thinking People (2/3 hours or whole day)
The quality of our lives and of our learning depends on the quality of our thinking. Philosophy means ‘the love of wisdom’ and it is generally accepted that the aim of a wise person is to lead a life in which they are happy and true to themselves. In reality most of us, whatever our age, struggle with the everyday problems of living both with ourselves and with other people.
Requires no previous knowledge, only a willingness to contribute to the discussion. We will look at developing the essential question ‘What would a wise person do?’ by relating it to everyday life, frustration, feelings of not being good enough, relationships and the other difficulties we encounter in C21st life.
(The man who says that he is not yet ready for philosophy or that the time
for it has passed him by, is like the man who says he is either too young or too old for happiness – Epicurus c350BC)

Games Without a Mouse (2/3 hours or whole day)
Do you like board games but have grown beyond Monopoly? People have played board games from earliest times. Families played games as a social pastime and princes played games as training for war. This course will look at the elements of game design from ancient Egypt to the present day. Try out a variety of games and create your own gaming system. Graham Harrison has published two game systems and written for various gaming magazines.

Tolkien and His History (2/3 hours or whole day)
The Lord of the Rings is undoubtedly one of the most popular books ever written. Whether you have read the book, seen the films (or both), this course is for you. It examines the characters, themes and places of Middle Earth and looks at the historical inspirations for Tolkien’s epic storytelling. From Weapons and Warfare to Poems and Art, this course is a must for all fans of The Lord of the Rings.
The course includes opportunity for hands-on activities to re-create the culture of Tolkien’s world. Students will make real armour, handle artefacts, discover historical cultures, design heraldry and draw maps.

The Art of Middle Earth (2/3 hours or whole day)
For fans of The Lord of the Rings with an artistic flair. This workshop will look at how various artists have interpreted the creations of J.R.R. Tolkien in drawings and paintings. Participants will also create their own drawings based on themes from Tolkien’s writings. Please note the aim of this workshop is to utilise a student’s existing talents, not teach new techniques for drawing.