Bespoke Workshops

Sun Jester can create a themed workshop to suit any particular requirements.

A recent example is a client’s brief for a whole school workshop combining elements of History and Science based around the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.


Gunpowder Treason and Plot

  • A multi-media presentation by two costumed interpreters
  • A summary of the narrative and events of the plot, using a PowerPoint presentation
  • An investigation of the science of gunpowder using a PowerPoint presentation and a short video clip
  • Carry out some simple indoor experiments to show the effect of expanding gases in a confined space
  • Move outside (to grass/playground/car park) and carry out further experiments using gunpowder, demonstrating the different effects
    of burning loose gunpowder and exploding a small charge
  • All experiments to be carried out by Sun Jester staff and have a
    full risk assessment in place
  • This workshop was then delivered, in a more interactive format
    with families in a Young Curators Club setting, where families carried out their own supervised experiments
bespoke workshops