Anglo Saxon

An exciting day investigating the world of the Anglo-Saxons.
The workshops will emphasise the use of archaeological and documentary evidence to learn about people in the past.

  • Most workshops are also suitable as an informal workshop for families.
  • Formal learning workshops support the History Curriculum.
  • Sun Jester can provide any timetable from a single session to a full day’s programme of activities with extensive cross-curricular links.
  • The sessions have a duration of one hour with a capacity of up to 30 participants dependent on available space. An entire year group can usually be accommodated during a day.
  • The sessions are led by experienced, professional and enthusiastic interpreters (holding Enhanced CRB Disclosure Certificates), offering a full interactive opportunity for all.
anglo saxon helmet

Writing and Manuscripts

 How were illuminated manuscripts created
 Examine different decorative styles
 Look at recipes for ink
 Create an illuminated manuscript using a quill pen


 How was early Saxon pottery manufactured
 Investigate the use of pottery in Pagan Saxon England
 Observe various styles and decorations
 Make a small clay pot

Royal Burials and Warfare

 What can be discovered from Sutton Hoo and other royal burials
 Examine weapons and armour used by Anglo-Saxons
 Make a small piece of Saxon armour

Saxon Law and Language

 Look at early English law codes
 Form a jury to give judgement on various law cases
 Hear how some familiar words used to sound and learn how to speak them  
 Explore Saxon Monastic Sign Language, why and how it was used

anglo saxon art
anglo saxon kids